Twenty-four hours a day, we handle everything printed.

Whether digital or not, this is still done with ink. What we print on doesn’t matter anymore. How we do it matters more than ever.

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Creating prints that appeal to our creativity and professional knowledge – that’s what we like to do. Old School? Not at all, because we go much further than that.

In recent years, our services have become increasingly broad. Books, DM campaigns, packaging, POS materials and  Sign&Display. Traditional printed materials, combined where possible with innovative digital applications, such as websites, web portals or apps. We want nothing more than to develop striking and imaginative products with you.

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Printed items become even more striking and enticing by using special refinements. This will enhance the appeal
and the impact of the product will increase.

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We print with bio inks, we use chemistry-free offset plates, our waste is separated, and recycled where possible. We use green power generated from Dutch wind energy.

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Interactive print

We find ourselves in a very dynamic time. Every day, we come into contact with various communication channels such as the internet, web shops, DM campaigns, social media and cross media. Print plays an important role in this information flow. By using innovative apps such as Layar, we are able to create a link between paper and various digital applications. With the help of your smartphone, printed matter comes to life.

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We are surrounded by advertising in many forms. With the advent of large format printers that are able to print on a huge variety of material, many things are possible.

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2132 XX Hoofddorp
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We are printers with sensibility.
A sense of ink. A sense of
organisation. A sense of
durability. A sense of
printed matter with the best
quality. Because we focus,
we make things more alluring.


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