There is no way around it, climate change
is real, we all emit too much CO₂.
So we must make a serious effort to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Using the Environmental Barometer © Stichting Stimular we have mapped out our own effect on the environment. Now we know our CO₂ footprint exactly. This data helps us to sharpen and monitor our environmental goals.

That’s why in 2017, we already opted to purchase green electricity from 100% Dutch wind power in combination with energy-efficient LED lighting throughout our premises.

And with the new compressor in 2019, we will reuse the heat released to heat our production space. Raw materials for printing come from wood and recycled paper … sustainable and renewable. We print with bio inks. We use chemical-free offset plates. Our waste is sorted and turned in for recycling and reuse whenever possible. In support of responsible forestry, we are FSC® certified (licence number: FSC-C104336). But we want more, and continue to actively work to reduce our carbon footprint, especially through energy savings.

Be Ink • CO₂ • environmental responsibility


Our CO₂ footprint 2021 is 59 tonnes, over 15% less than in 2019. That’s a saving of more than 1 round trip by car around the equator. Especially the CO₂ emissions from mobility are much reduced. Some employees have worked more from home over the past 2 years, and a number of people now also choose to come to work by bicycle.

Be Ink • wind power • environmental responsibility


Purchasing green electricity is part of corporate responsibility. Since January 2017, we have been using sustainable green power generated by Dutch wind energy. And we will continue to do so.

Be Ink • electricity • environmental responsibility


IIn 2021, we consumed 790 kWh of electricity per tonne of printed matter compared to 545 kWh in 2019. Saving energy is a must in this day and age. That is why this year we will replace our outdated cooling system with a new, energy-efficient one.

Be Ink • VOC emissions • environmental responsibility


In 2021, we consumed 1.1 kg of IPA per tonne of printed matter. This is almost 30% below the industry average. IPA-reduced offset printing is here to stay!

Be Ink • paper waste • environmental responsibility

Paper Waste

In 2021, we offered almost 46 tonnes of waste paper for recycling compared to over 53 tonnes in 2019. But more importantly, we have 5.5% less paper loss. And throwing away less is always better than recycling more. Nevertheless, our paper loss is still higher than the industry average for an offset printing company with up to 15 employees.

Be Ink • commuting • environmental responsibility


Most of our carbon footprint is caused by transport of goods and commuting. Both account for 35% of our CO₂ emissions. We increasingly use the (electric) bicycle and public transport for commuting. But with an average travel distance of 45 km, the car is unfortunately still preferred..

Be Ink • recycling • environmental responsibility


We offer up paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, aluminium offset plates, wood and cartridges for reuse and recycling. In total, approx. 95% of our waste. The industry average is 87.6%.

Be Ink • detergents • environmental responsibility


In 2021, we consumed 8.223 m3 of natural gas compared to 6.470 m3 in 2019. With 167 more degree days (average outside temperature is below 18 °C), we had to heat more and more often during the year. Due to less production, we were able to make less use of released machine and compressor heat to heat the production space.

Be Ink • ink • environmental responsibility


Hazardous (chemical) waste is almost a thing of the past. In 2021, only 0.8% of our waste per tonne of printed matter (2.2 kg) consisted of hazardous waste; this is far better than the industry average (6.6 kg).

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